What is this website?

This is a website for people to enjoy. It was created by me, Martin Lechowicz. It is called Completely Unprofessional for a reason. Read more about it here.

Who are you people?

Well, it's mostly me, Martin Lechowicz. If you really want to know, here's a short story.

I was born in Poland in 1976 in times of communism. Oh, so much fun it was! All that standing in lines for a toilet paper and coffee makes me nostalgic even now.

Then it all collapsed. Everybody was surprized, because people have hard believing that 2+2=4. Many people during those time belived that normally 2+2=7, but 3 was stolen by evil Jews.

Then there came capitalism.

I enjoyed it tremendously although didn't understand much of it. I learnt what chockolade tastes like and that there is something like "commercials" and "sexshops". We all loved commercials.

Then I became a christian.

It was a great surprize to me, since I thought I had been one already. I've had many surprizes since then.

Then capitalism ended and became communism pretending to be capitalism. Or the other way around. It's hard to tell as nothing makes any sense any more.

Then everybody started buying bitcoin. And I realized that people generally are idiots. And those who want to look professional are biggest of them all. Actually, I've realized it years ago. I just keep forgeting.

So I'm a guy who likes to laughs at everything that is professional.

Professional is pathetic. We are only humans. We will die like all humans. We are not great and we are not successful. We are all children.

Some of us pretend to be adults. I like to make fun of those guys.

What values do you promote?

I don't promote no values, this is not a church.

Do you use bad, naughty, stinky words?

I don't. The site is clean. However, there might be some exceptions due to things out of my control. Namely: other people. Like callers during live shows. I can't control what they'll say. And even if I could I don't want to. But I strongly encourage everyone to keep the language under control, so we all can enjoy each other's company without pain in the ears.

So the general guideline here is: keep the language clean!

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