Anne Boleyn Was Black and So Was Adolf Hitler

Anne Boleyn ruled as Queen of England from 1533 to 1536. She was king Henry VIII’s second wife. And she was black.

King Henry VIII was also black. And so was Adolf Hitler.

By the way, did you know that Hitler didn’t live in Germany?...

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Is coronavirus intelligent?

Photo by Edwin Hooper

COVID-19 is something more than a virus. COVID-19 is an intelligent being.

How do we know that? From the experts. I’ll make it simple for you: whatever the...

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COVID-19 Causes Mortality

You probably did not know that, but humans used to be immortal.

I’ve only learned about it few months ago, when a new virus spread out and people started to die.

Yes: they started to die. Because...

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Facebook’s Non-Discrimination Policy

Facebook is an internet service where you can advertise your life to people who pretend to be your friends. Facebook is a paradise world, where everybody is happy, smiles are everywhere, everything is inclusive and there are lots of cute little...

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Today I wanted to learn why Artur, my blind friend, does not use speech recognition in Windows 10.

Today I wanted to learn why Artur, my blind friend, does not use speech recognition in Windows 10.

So I turned my microphone on, got the voice recognition system ready, and I said this out loud:

Three rings for the elven...

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Review of Some Highly Professional Companies

If you want to be an unprofessional person (that means: alive) and run any sort of business, you’re in trouble. It does not come from your clients, no. They will actually love your personal, honest approach, a human to human (H2H) sort of approach. All in all, don’t we long for dealing with real people instead of those pathetic attachments to the...

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What To Do With Your Tiffany?

This morning I’ve read a beautiful story on Medium. It was about a girl named Tiffany who got really disappointed with her boyfriend and got rid of him when he called her “useless. What a terrible word to throw at someone you...

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Why I Love Degree Mills

Today My TEFL course said this:

The qualifications required for working in the private sector are lower than in the public sector.

It means that public schools require more qualifications than private schools.

Do they now?

The same course told me few sentences later that private English schools make more money,...

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Are Programmers Idiots?

I have just watched a video explanation of an approach to development called “agile programming”.

I am not going to explain it, because it’s bunch of painfully obvious things that were just given cool names plus stickers plus a blackboard.

It’s things like: “you need to know what the customer wants before you create a program for him, so...

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The Truth is Not in You

Some people like to see themselves as the pursuers of truth.

But have you ever wondered what is the opposite of pursuing the truth? If you don’t care about the truth what do you care about? Lies?

No. I say you care about you.

Let me explain.

There is a real world around us, as we all know. But nobody really...

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