What is it all about?

Hi, I'm Martin. How old am I? Where do I live? What do I do for a living? It doesn't matter. I'm a human like you and that's the point of this website. I like to write stories. I like to improvise. I like to play games. I like people. Also, I have some things to say. I'm pretty sure some of those things can make a difference in your life.


  • I'm not my job.
  • I'm not how much money I have in the bank.
  • I'm not the car I drive. Besides I don't own a car, cause I don't want a car to own me.
  • I'm not the contents of my wallet. I can't be, because I don't even have a wallet. Wallets are stupid.
  • And I'm defienetely not what I wear.

I am completely unprofessional and I never wear ties.
Or uniforms. Or suits. Hey, I don't even wear shoes if it's warm enough.

I like to be free. I like to use my freedom to create, help, impress or entertain.

Ah, freedom. What a childish, obsolete, unpopular, unprogressive idea it is...

Well, so is breathing.

Anyways, feel free to read or listen to whatever you find here. Enjoy the irony of life and don't be a stranger!

Want to know more? Go FAQ yourself!

(F.A.Q. stands for Frequently Asked Questions)
Stay unprofessional!