• Episode #7: They Is Man

    Alert! There is a price gap in the UK now! Some price sexist shops discriminate women, making them buy expensive, pink things. Unbelievable. Let us all get angry!

    Posted 2018-02-15 (7 days ago)
  • Episode #6: There Is No Hope, It's Time To Die

    Earth-friendly drinks in Mariott hotels and volunteers in Cambodia. Do they really do more harm than good?
    This time the show got out of control - it become too serious. Way too serious. Why so serious, Brain Enema?

    Posted 2018-02-08 (2 weeks ago)
  • Episode #5: Sad Jokes

    We come to the conclusion that famous lines on the ground in Peru are just lines on the ground and not a miraculous work of aliens. I know, what a blasphemy! Also, we read a few clean jokes and try to find out why they are called jokes. Well, maybe I need to speak English better?

    Posted 2018-02-02 (2 weeks ago)
  • Episode #4: Logan Paul In Your Head

    Logan Paul from YouTube is the reason why we all need a brain enema. Also, we wonder why you like to experience anger and outrage. You like it, don't you?

    Posted 2018-01-26 (3 weeks ago)
  • Episode #3: Donald Trump, Chill Out

    Donald Trump asked why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here. We have the answer!

    Posted 2018-01-18 (a month ago)
  • Episode #2: Boring as Christmas

    Boring as Christmas and stupid as Bitcoin. Also, we talk about investing, colonoscopy, endoscopy, and enema. What hole in your body is your favorite?

    Posted 2017-12-21 (2 months ago)
  • Episode #1: Healing Power of Beer

    We start our podcast with scientifically proven fact: beer is a painkiller! Also, we talk about new Star Wars, old Facebook and the power of programming.

    Posted 2017-12-14 (2 months ago)
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