My name is Martin. I'm a human and that's the most important part of me. Also, I'm a aprentice of Jesus, the guy from the Bible. I believe he is alive, because I am crazy, stupid or very brave. Take your pick. Also, I'm a baron of Sealand. And a computer programmer. A writer (4 books published so far). A singer (200 songs written, 2 CDs published). A game developer. I was born in Poland, but I don't care.

My motto is: compared to the creator of the universe we are all idiots. It's a fact. That should give us freedom to be joyful and make fools of yourself. It's our right as morons.

So come on, go explore and have fun.

This is a website with texts, podcasts, videos and games produces by me and other unprofessional people.

All this content exists to give you fun, wisdom or both. The common idea here is this: before everything else we should all be humans. That means we should be doing things because we love them.

A guy who does things out of love is called "an amateur". A guy who does things because it's his job is called "a professional".

I am completely unprofessional and I hope you'll be too.

Give me all your money.

And if not, that's ok. Just have some fun then.

Also, tell others about this site and support me, if you think I'm doing a good job.

I think it is fun and I think I make a good point about all this unprofessionalism idea.

Why not? It's part of my life. Besides, getting involved in God on unprofessional basis, can make one really happy. It works for me at least. So it could also for others.

Besides, it's not so easy to find someone who wants to talk about God with you instead of selling him to you.

For those of you who speak Polish (not so many I guess, it's an impossibly difficult language) I've been running an unprofessional podcast in Polish since 2005. It was about Bible, God, life and stuff. Now I know for a fact that it was helpful to some people. Hundreds of people said to me that my talking made a difference. So that's why I'm trying again, this time in English. If you want to explore my polish podcast, go ahead.

There are no rules. Do what you want, but if you misbehave, spam, hurt others, try to damage things, spread sensless hate, you're out.

If you don't want to irritate me, try also avoiding the following:

  • Don't refer to me as "sir", "reverend", mister or any nonsense like that. I hate that. I'm simply a human. You can't show me more respect than when you acknowledge that fact by using my proper title: my name. I want to be your friend, not your master.
  • Don't spam conversations with links. Links are not opinions. If I want to hear what Richard Dawkins has to say I'll go listen to Richard Dawkins. Don't send me away to someone else to talk for you. If you yourself have nothing to say, or if you cannot explain what you belive why did you start the conversation in the first place?
  • Don't say "my pastor claims this" or "the pope says that". I don't care. Why should I? It's your god, not mine.
  • Don't try to make me interested in your church. I like meeting new people a lot, but I'm in no church and I'm not interested in one. I'm not an anti-church guy, I'm just not interested. I care for relationships, not organizations. And I don't appreciate you selling me anything I don't need.
  • Don't ever make me the guiding light for you life. It is your life and you alone are responsible for living it. You don't have any right to put this resposibility on others.