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Clickable crap

Games these days are shit.

Most of them, not all of them, let's not get to far. There are some true pearls in this manure.

But generally speaking, we all play well advertised, nicely presented colorful shit with breath-taking graphics. Single-serving, shortly-lived, over-regulated, highly-processed, barely-enjoyable clones of some true games from times when games where made for primarily playing, not for selling. That's it.

Some people don't agree. They say there is nothing wrong in recycling ideas.

Well, would like to use a roll of recycled toilet paper? Be my...


The Meaning of life....


I've been using Sony Vegas for years, since version 9. I published more than a 100 movies generated with that software. I generated songs, gameplays, video-blogs, short animations, you name it. I do it for a living.

I've been trying out several programs. Currently the best for their price are Sony Vegas Movie Studio (the name changes a bit with each version) and Cyberlink PowerDirector. I have both of them and use both of them.

But Sony Vegas is my first choice, as it has no doubt the best user interface in the market. And the user interface is very important in this type of software. You have to...


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